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This forum is intended to be a place for people in the MCPS Bridge Program to communicate with each other and people outside the program. Being in the Bridge Program can be incredibly isolating, so this is a place to break that isolation. We will cross this Bridge together, and make it safely across. Members can discuss the Bridge Program itself, alternative programs, or just cool off in the off topic discussion.

What is the Bridge Program?

- The Bridge Program is a special education program that is supposed to service students with High Functioning Autism. Unfortunately, many have found through experience that rather than the safe place that Bridge was promised to be, it can be a very stressful and isolating place to be. The purpose of this forum is to replace the haven that was promised by the program.

What does the name mean?

- Obviously, the 'Crossing' part of the name is an allusion to the Bridge Program's name. Crossing is how a bridge is overcome, and this place is meant to empower members to overcome their environment. The 'Together' part of the name references this site's status as both a social gathering and a support network.

Can people not in Bridge join?

Yes! In fact, this is encouraged to expand the support network and provide perspectives from outside of the Bridge environment. Bridge students currently enrolled will be eligible for an identifying tag on the forum so they can easily spot each other.


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