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User Groups

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:56 am

This post details the user groups found on this forum.

1. Directors

- This title is reserved for administrators. There will only be two administrators, and they will be replaced when they step down.

2. Captains

- These are the forum moderators. They are responsible for the peace-keeping aspect of the forum. This position is not a reward - it is for people who want to help keep the community safe. Of course, you need to prove yourself for some time on the forum before being considered. The number of Captains is proportional to the number of people subscribed on the forum and it may change depending the number of subscribers.

3. Bridge Students

- This is simply a way to differentiate people who are currently in the Bridge Program to identify themselves. There are no special privileges for this, so do not try ask for membership if you are not in Bridge!


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